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Rape: is the victim at fault?

A recent poll conducted by Amnesty International revealed that more than a third of Britons blame flirting women for being raped. A quarter of the population think that a woman wearing revealing clothing is completely or partially responsible when she is sexually assaulted. About one in twelve believe that a promiscuous woman is wholly responsible for being raped.

These polls were conducted in a western country. The west is considered to be a sexually liberated society and if these are the views held by people coming from a 'liberated' society, then why wonder about the archaic views of an eastern society.

Rape is basically defined as “intentional unlawful sex with a woman without her consent” but the views held by the majority of people disregard the phrase “without consent” and lay the blame entirely or partially on the victim herself.

One cannot give complete amnesty to a rape victim if she wears revealing clothes in a culture where it is completely out of place. In the West, …