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Humour: My real Saviour

Life has its ups & downs and every one of us has had some tragedy in the past or might face one in the future. Sadness creeps in the life of every human being and when there is a big mishap, one feels as if the walls are clamping down upon him and there might not be a way out. Those who do not find a way out turn bitter, cynical, anti-social etc and those who brave the world and find a way out are the survivors. Every survivor has a way out; mine is humour.

I have always believed that humour is the best shield for every attack and recently Joan Rivers echoed the same thoughts on the talk show 'Parkinson'. I came along these interesting words by her while browsing through her site.

"The first rule of survival is: Make your own rules. The hell with what anyone thinks about the way you're acting; listen only to yourself. And while listening, remember the words of Nietzsche: 'Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger.'"

--from Bouncing Back [source: h…