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Indelible scars

Zainab. A seven-year-old little girl. A child. Raped. Tortured. Murdered. She was not the only one. There were more like her in the city of the Sufi poet, Baba Bulleh Shah, Kasur, where a serial killer and paedophile hunted several other young girls. He was finally nabbed and that too only because we saw the innocent face of Zainab splashed on our television screens, newspapers and on social media. Her face was everywhere. Haunting us. Taunting us. The Punjab Police and the Punjab government finally acted and arrested the sick psychopath responsible for her murder. There were many, including some of our politicians, who asked for a public hanging. These people seem to have no clue that a public hanging is another form of barbarity and while we should be asking for punishment, baying for blood is not the answer. This lynch mob mentality has to end.

There was anger - so much anger - and there was pain - a lot of pain. Anger at the perpetrator and pain for the dead young girl and her fam…