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Time to unmask the fanatics

“Because of the mullah, the true religion has sunk lower than irreligiousness,
For the mullah instead of guiding the Muslims, is busy branding the people as ‘kafir’ [infidel].
To us dew appears as the ocean,
But to the mullah the ocean seems but dew.
He does not catch the spirit of the teachings of the Holy Prophet [PBUH],
His firmament being starless is dark,
His shortsightedness, pettiness, and pedantry
Serve but to disrupt the community.
The religion of the kafir consists of planning for jihad,
The religion of the mullah is creating trouble in the name of God.” — Allama Iqbal.

Religion is a private matter; you and I are entitled to have differences in our religious ideologies. If one disagrees with the other’s view, he can argue it but it should be done in a peaceful manner. Contrary to this, the ‘custodians’ of Islam – the mullahs – have another way of dealing with those who oppose their set of beliefs. They issue fatwas against people with opposing views and declare them ‘kafirs’. These fa…

Al Qaeda’s resurgence

Citing counter-terrorist officials, the Guardian newspaper reported that Britain has become the prime target for a resurgent al Qaeda, with last year’s London bombings seen as just the beginning. The officials claimed that al Qaeda has successfully regrouped in Pakistan since the overthrow of the Taliban in 2001 and the retreat of the al Qaeda leadership into the Tora Bora Mountains. Al Qaeda has managed to survive a four-year military campaign seeking out and killing its leaders, and has managed to come out stronger. Previously, al Qaeda conducted terror attacks in Bali in 2002 and 2005, among some other terrorist ventures around the globe. But the revamped al Qaeda has taken a new leaf out of its old manual and is now involved in urban guerrilla warfare, which is different from and in some respects more difficult than the rural guerrilla warfare in which it was previously mostly involved. Even in Afghanistan and Iraq, al Qaeda’s new strategy is visible through the increase in roadsi…

Edification of women through education

“Man for the field and woman for the hearth;
Man for the sword and for the needle she;
Man with the head and woman with the heart;
Man to command and woman to obey;
All else confusion” — Lord Tennyson.

While driving the other night, I stopped at a signal and in my rearview mirror saw that the car behind me had a female driver; the car next to me also had a female driver. I thought to myself, we have come a long way indeed from the days when hardly any female driver was visible on the roads. But my joy was shortlived as the next day, one of my uncles said something to the effect that a girl should just do her bachelors and then get married. I wondered why there is so little stress on women’s education.

Patriarchy and misogynism are two components that have plagued all societies of the world at one time or another. Some societies have succeeded in eradicating these vices, while others are still shackled by them. Ours is one such society and can best be described as a ‘man’s world’, where fami…