Medical negligence

Many people have died, or suffered various ailments due to medical negligence committed by doctors as well as nurses. An error caused by medical staff can be fatal, yet medical negligence cases have become common and are occurring in Pakistan on a regular basis.
A family friend’s newborn baby died because the gynaecologist insisted on performing a C-section without any medical reason, when the mother was only eight months pregnant. This led to the death of their only baby boy.
A relative was diagnosed for having an ulcer and was given medication accordingly. After some time the doctor discovered that she was pregnant but by that time those medicines had caused severe poisoning inside her body and she came extremely close to dying. Her only course of survival was to get an abortion.
An uncle had a liver ailment but was diagnosed for a cardiac arrest. Can we even imagine what kind of side effects he still might be facing due to the wrong treatment?
A girl suffering from migraine was taken to a hospital and the nurses put her in the ‘emergency ward’. She was given wrong medication by the nurses. A specialist was called in who just checked for her reflexes. She went into a coma and died the same day.
Everyday we hear of a new medical negligence case. As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once said, “When a doctor does go wrong he is the first of criminals. He has nerve and he has knowledge.”
Yes, doctors and nurses are humans and likely to err. However, carelessness is hardly justifiable and not to mention unforgivable. Hospitals and doctors have just become moneymaking machines and seem not to be bothered about what their actions and mistakes of theirs can lead to.
These doctors are just busy with their private practices and do not give proper attention and time to their patients.
They leave the looking after of the patients in the hands of incompetent nurses who are not even properly qualified. In many counties there are proper nursing degrees one needs to acquire in order to be recognised as a certified nurse, but in Pakistan that hardly seems to be the case.
We should not overlook these incidents and must protest against such abominable acts. Steps must be taken to stop this deadly game. Victims (or the families of victims) should sue the doctors and the hospitals; only then would this issue be dealt with seriously and proper medical care will then be possible.


Red said…
good god. The list was horrible. I have heard of bad medical advice but it was mostly in government hospitals. Where were these doctors working?
mehmal said…
These doctors are all working at private hospitals and are making a LOT of money!
mattyb245 said…
Some medical negligence cases are unforgivable, with the mistakes that medical staff have made are bewildering. However there are some cases where the claim is very loose and it is evident that the claimant simply wants to make some money from the compensation rather than see the medical staff brought to justice for their mistakes.

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