Hamid Mir's e-mail

Text of Hamid Mir's e-mail on PressPakistan google group:

Dear All,

Thank you very much for your support. Today publisher of Daily Times and Governor Punjab Salman Taseer created a new record in the history of yellow journalism by publishing a one sided tape drama scandle against me.I would like to remind my journalist colleagues that Salman Taseer published many dirty articles against me in the past when i was banned by Musharraf regime on tv.Today he published the transcript of a concocted tape with some comments on the front page of his newspaper.Yes he tried to kill many birds with one bullet.

This is a conspiracy against me.Khalid Khawaja was assassinated in the month of April and this tape surfaced in the middle of May just few days before some important political and leagal events.I am consulting with my lawyers and i will go into court against Salman Taseer for publishing a one sided concocted story against me.My hands are clear and i have no fear except Allah who have provided me a new opportunity to unmask some more realities in the court of law.

This fabricated tape is part of a bigger drama against journalist community.Some elements want to silence the voice of media on certain national issues by blackmailing journalists like me.These people are very unhappy on those journalists who are raising voice for missing people,who are opposing government stand NRO and who criticized the fake degree holder members of the parliament.Many journalists are disliked by the government and some parts of the establishment.These journalists may become a target one by one.Some government ministers warned me on May 13th that some elements are trying to use the family of Khalid Khawaja against me and journalists like Ansar Abbasi,Kamran Khan and Shahid Masood will also face some new cases.I am sure we will face these kind of fabricated cases with unity.Thanks again for showing solidarity with me.

Hamid Mir


Anonymous said…
Nowhere in his response has Hamid Mir explained his side of the story rather he has thrown dirt on others who brought this tape up leading one to believe that there is truth in this tape. Can Hamid Mir deny what he said in the tape? Did Salman Taseer make it up? If not then Hamid Mir is responsible for what is on the tape.
Anonymous said…
bullshitter. murderer. pure and simple.
Waris Mir Ghost said…
Mere rhetoric. You are exposed and that's it. Is this the page of Zardari or Taseer?


Tell truth that your patrons in Pakistan' establishment have now come know that you're a double agent and they are now after you
Sincere Seeker said…
Shut up! You're exposed you murderer shitass!! Hamid Mir should be tried for treason!! - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hamid-Mir-Wanted-For-Treason/108039595907670?ref=ts
Anonymous said…
Mir himself is one of the biggest leading person involved in yellow journalism. Why only Mir was so dear to Osama? He is black sheep and should be tried for incitement and accessory to murder. Now he is going to start Qadiani Conspiracy theory rhetoric. Thats how it works in Pakistan.

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